Sharing Is Caring

So many families have sent us pictures of thier babies, and they make us so happy to see them in such loving homes.

Shaineh is now 1 year and nine months and has now finished her TDI training. Thanks to all the time Susanna has spent training her, she now not only warms her heart but brings joy to many other people in need of a little PUPPY LOVE.  Shaineh warms everyones hearts

Abby just groomed

Antoinette, didn't you tell Abby
she couldn't wait under the tree
for Santa?

A look we know so well.  Aren't you going to drop SOMETHING?

Buster is 15 months and is really spoild by his Mom.  You know how babies are suppose to be raised, Suzy!  Thanks for letting it be one of mine.

Odie is looking great, Steve and Jenny.  His first haircut hasn't wiped the smile off that his face.

Oscar with Grandma and Brother

Oscar and the kids out to play.

All is great for Ella at her new home.  Ella and Jani snuggling