My grandauther's ,Taylor and Nicole playing with a baby.

I love talking with my the new parents of my babies and even getting to meet them. For those who live just a little to far away I wanted to share some of my family pictures so that you can get to know us.

The kids helping me outside.

Catch me, mom!

Chris and Tom

Max telling me all about it!

Carie and Andy

My daughter Carie (right) teaching me how to show.  She did this in the past with Chesi, the cutie in the middle. This is my first showing, Nov. 08 2009. Carie got a blue in her puppy class.  She showed her stuff, I realized I don't like showing, I just like playing.

My little Diva Heidi.  She is 7 months old

Sadie and Heidi helping in the kitchen.

My little Odie is older than any puppy I ever had left before because I got to busy to deal with advertising during the holidays.  As you can see I was never to busy to give him attention..

Tom and the kids, Thor, Cheyeann, and Cookie napping after Thanksgiving dinner. At least until I disturb them with the camera.