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Thank you for visiting.  We are a mother and daughter team, who with the support of our families, strive to share with you the best babies possible. Starting over 17 years ago, we fell in love with the Havanese breed and wanted to share them with you!

We are not a kennel.  All of our babies and our adults are part of our family and share their lives with us. Our beautiful home raised puppies will warm your heart and home!

A perfect addition to your home, their peaceful disposition makes them loyal and loving. The bonus of a non-shedding coat and being hypoallergenic will make the Havanese your only choice.

Havanese come in many colors (black, white, chocolate, sable-cream, white, parti) and their double-coats can vary from straighter hair to curly.

No matter how much you give them they,ll always give you their whole heart. So try to match that!

The Havanese Breed


Weight 7?14 lb (3?6 kg)
Height 23?27 cm (9?11 in)
Coat Very soft double coat
Color All colors
Life span 12-14 years

Other Names
Havanese Cuban Bichon

Youcef Sorry

Bichon Havanês



Bichon Habanero

Country Of Origin Cuba

KB Havanese


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